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We do not require minimum income, minimum asset levels or other similar preconditions, and we will inform you in advance of any minimum criteria should a sub-advisor or third-party investment manager be engaged. We reserve the right to waive or reduce certain fees based on unique individual circumstances, special arrangements or preexisting relationships.

Our firm does not charge or receive a commission or a mark-up on securities transactions, nor will the firm or an associate be paid a commission on the purchase of a securities holding that is recommended to a client. We do not receive “trailer” or SEC Rule 12b-1 fees from an investment company that may be recommended to a client. Fees charged by such issuers are detailed in prospectuses or product descriptions and interested investors are always encouraged to read these documents before investing. Our firm and its associates receive none of these described or similar fees or charges.

When there is the potential for the receipt of a commission and other compensation via an insurance product transaction (e.g., fixed annuity, life insurance policy, etc.), an associate who is licensed as an insurance agent has an incentive to make such a recommendation based on the compensation they may receive rather than a client’s needs. Our advisory firm and its associates take their responsibilities seriously and only intend to recommend investments, insurance or advisory services we believe appropriate for each client.

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