Premarital & Divorce Financial Planning

Premarital Financial Planning

Providing clients with financial management strategies before joining as a marital unit, keeps money from being the sole reason couples part ways. OBN Wealth Advisors aims to get couples on the same financial page, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy, long lasting relationship.  The firm provides workshops and private sessions that are designed to help couples:

  • Start the dialogue about household finances

  • Define roles in the household finances

  • Determine a fair and equitable way to pay expenses

  • Amicably sync future financial dreams

Divorce Planning

Unfortunately, sometimes marriages simply don't last. Separation or divorce can have a major impact on your goals and plans. We will work with you to help you gain an understanding of your unique situation and provide you with a realistic financial picture so that you are in a better situation to communicate with legal counsel, a mediator or soon to be ex-spouse. We can assist in the completion of cash flow and net worth projections, budgetary analysis, division of property, as well as help you to understand what the consequences and/or benefits are involving a settlement.

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