Why I Flew Solo?

Why I Flew Solo?

January 21, 2018

"Motives are Pure"

It was exactly one year ago in January that I made the decision to open my own practice.  As a matter of fact, I distinctly remember it being the Tuesday after Dr. King's holiday that I told myself, I'm flying solo. I had just met with the third and final company the day before on Dr. King's birthday. That final meeting was the straw that broke the camels back.  I suppose three's the charm.  At least that's how it was for me.

I discovered something about myself in the process of interviewing and having meetings with other companies.  My heart and motives are pure when it comes to helping people with their personal finances.  I think too pure to work for another company (I suppose that's possible).  I will elaborate on this bold statement about myself in a moment.  When I first started in the financial services industry, one of the senior members of the firm I worked for, told me that I would never make it in this business because I was trying to save too many people.  I told myself after his comments that, " I got in the financial services business to help people". I found a way to help an endless number of people without physically meeting them. I wrote a book that can be purchased on Amazon for less than twenty bucks! 

"Ah-ha Moments" 

I've learned that whenever you work for another company no matter how you try to convince yourself that you are doing what is in the best interest of the customer, there is always an inner struggle of doing what is in the best interest of the customer and meeting the expectations of the company. Companies need money to stay afloat or they will go out of business.  I do understand this concept. Companies also have an expectation from their employees and I understand that as well. In my case, I had worked in the sales industry for more than twenty years and I was over the inner struggle of "quota vs customer".  I didn't want to think about the company quota; I only wanted to think about how I could help the person sitting in front of me. That was my pure motive and what gave me the courage to fly solo. I thought about what I enjoyed most about my career and it was the "ah-ha" moments I created for the customers.  I could help them change their financial future and that felt so rewarding. It's the thing you would be willing to do for free if money wasn't an object. 

Speaking of money, I still needed to eat and make a living for myself.  I also knew that there is value in my skills.  No, I did not plan on minimizing my worth.  That would be cheating myself. But I could help people without worrying about the number of products I would need to sell to meet the company quota. Working on my own meant that I could concentrate on my niche without worrying about the quota. I could truly test the theory that if you do what you love, the money will come. 

"Seamless Process"

I knew OBN Wealth Advisors was meant to exist. After my company was filed with the state of Georgia as an RIA (registered investment advisor) at the end of January 2017,  I was told that the process would take a minimum of 30-45 days. I had prepared myself for the wait, thinking I would get an approval mid-March. To my surprise, on Valentine's Day of 2017, I received an approval from the state. Valentine's Day represents the day of love. In my case the love that I have for helping others. I "love" the coincidence of the date approval. I am a spiritual person and I believe that God is one of order and not confusion. For months prior to my decision to fly solo, I had experienced so much disorder in the meetings I had with other companies to work for them because of my uncertainty of going out on my own. Opening my own practice was a smooth, seamless process.  Everything fell into place from filing with the state to finding a custodian.  I was and still amazed. No confusion what so ever!

Here I am today one year from thinking about my why. My motives and heart have remained pure and yes the money is coming in, at a comfortable flow (it would be nice for a gush, but I can live with the flow).  Some of my old customers have shared with me that they can feel a difference in my energy and spirit now that I am on my own. Life is good!  Ask yourself if money wasn't an object, "What would you be doing?"  Tap into that space and find a way to make a living doing what you love.

Upcoming Blog Topics

In my upcoming blogs, I will cover topics on the new tax bill and how it could impact you when you file your taxes.  I will also cover marriage and money, a topic I know all too well being married for more than twenty years.  Stay Tuned!

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